I am Goddess Christina. I am a strict, very direct, cruel, sadistic and don't put up with bullshit type of dominant. I will say things that may shock you or offend you. Get over it. This is who I am. I do not sugar coat nothing for no one. I am very outspoken online and in real life. If at any time you cannot handle my strict ways you are free to move along. Many cannot. They want to live in a little bubble. and not face the harsh reality of my words. 

I am looking for financial subs online and those who want to possibly be owned. If you do not want to be owned, that is fine too. I accept community whores. Keep in mind if you want to be owned you must complete my consideration period. After the consideration period ends, I will determine if you are deemed worthy of being owned.

The kind of financial sub I am looking for must be respectful, clear with their intentions, Intelligent, have good communications skills, good income, not be owned, have self-control and tribute consistently.

I am NOT looking for those who feel they are entitled, bossy, rude, selfish, lack communication skills, impulsive and think they can haggle prices or manipulate me. NO topping from the bottom bullshit either. If you think you can handle serving me, I dare you to try.

I accept many tribute methods. Amazon USA GCs, PP, Giftrocket, GW, and Niteflirt and Cash APP. My minimum tribute is $50. I will not lower my standards because you want to haggle or be a tight ass. If you cannot afford my minimum tribute requirements I understand. Good luck and find another dominant. If you are interested then send me a message on here or you can contact me by email at godesscristina@gmail.com