I'm standing here, ruler in hand, boy.

I've been at this for a long time.  Long enough to be consdered a cougar in some circles.  But I teach adult boys and men of all ages.  I've trained hundreds of subs over the course of about 20 years now. 

My favorite role is teacher.  And toward those ends I put together classes to whip subbie men into shape.  To get them ready to serve in a full time TPE D/s realtionship.  It takes training to get yourself to the place where you're ready and able to stop playing and do this for real. 

I have a free 3-day class to show you what I do to get there.  Yep, FREE (on a findom site no less!).  

Click here if you don't believe me.

If you sign up for the free class you also get access to my podcast where I read erotic D/s bedtime stories.  IF you like what I do, and you think I give good advice, THEN you should hire me to train you.  

I'm also looking for personal subs.  Check out my profile to see what I like.

My full name is Viola Stepsata Voltairine.  Say it correctly, or else.  Bonus points if you can identify my namesake.


Ms. V