Greetings I am the stunning, intelligent, superior, being known as TSDiamondFire. I am a drainer of bank accounts and your darkest fantasy come true. You can't resist Me, I am your reason for existing.

I have been interested in BDSM since I was a teenager. Like many people I've met who grew up in the 90's I started it learning about it around the same time as we first got the internet. Over the last several years I have taken a much more active role. I have met many wonderfull interesting people in Tulsa, OKC, and Springfield, MO and formed some great lasting friendships. I look forward to continuing this incredibly fun journey and meeting many more great BDSM players in many more cities. I first learned of findom when I came across the Eurasian Goddesses website in the late 90's or maybe early 2000's probably while looking for dominatrix porn to jack off to. 

I started my transition from male to female around 5 years ago. I have been blessed with an easy transition compared to many of my trans sisters. My family has been supportive for the most part and I am overall much happier. I am grateful to for welcoming trans women to use the site as women for free. 

My main interests are CBT, findom, hypnotism, electrical play, sneeze fetish, and leather. I am interested in almost anything BDSM related though especially if it involves me getting paid. I am currently seeking subs online and in the real world. I frequent a dungeon in Tulsa, OK but frequently travel to OKC, Spingfield, MO, and Northwest Arkansas. 

So now that you know a little more about me wouldn't you love to put a big smile on my face? A nice tribute would do just that.


Twitter: @TDiamondFire

Don't keep Me waiting

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