Me and my girls are having fun doing dick ratings tonight and for the next few days.

Our ages are 20, 24, and 23.

Before you send the picture, here are the Rules:

You could request to have only my rating, me and ONE of my friends, or all 3 of us. They don't know what's going on, they'll think I'm sending them a random dick pic to rate but back to the Rules.

Any rating any of us gives you, you'd have to pay that amount. For example.

Option 1: Only my rating? If I give it a 5, send $5.

Option 2: If I give it a 5 and one of them gives it a 3, send $8.
Option 3: If I give it a 5, second friend gives it a 3 and third friend gives it a 2, send $10.

Sounds fun, right? My payment methods are on my page, make sure you have the same before you participate. I'll send a screenshot of our ratings plus us making fun of it. We'll see you soon~