Evening subordinates,

- My name is Supreme Domina, Miss Mila. Although I may be slightly new to this specific website, I am, however, not new at all to the raging BDSM/Fetish scene in NYC.

I am a classically trained Professional Dominatrix/Humiliatrix that specializes in real time Femdom sessions, with over 5 years experience under My belt. I partake in an array of kinks and consider Myself incredibly verstitle, but always learning. Check My profile bio to read a more extensive summary of My philosophy of Findom, and perhaps that can give you a strong idea of My approach, goals, and aesthetic.

I offer real time, phone, text, and Skype sessions/arrangements. All of which, must be discussed and consented beforehand. I practice ETHICAL KINK. Although I take My profession very seriously, remember, this is all just a fantasy at the end of the day. Be a mature, respectful adult when engaging with Me. I offer a trusting, safe, and professional platform for you and I to explore our fetishes together. 

** Everything you need to know about Me is in My bio here and on My website!!!!! Do some reading and it will save you a load of time and stress. Failure to adhere to My protocol, will result in immediate blocking and reporting.

In a nutshell, I approach My work and lifestyle as a Domme with extreme professionalism, safety, intelligence, elegance, creativity, and most of all, sheer fun. I do not fall for bullshit, and can smell time-wasters/predators from a million miles away. (Over 5 years of Domming has perfected that sense). So, dont even try. I am not for the faint of heart. I do, take on novices, but please be open-minded, respectful of My rules, obedient, humble, and willing to learn. I do NOT tolerate brats, whining, begging for discounts, sexists, racists, "topping from the bottom", discriminatory behavior, or any other red flags. If this appears to be you, expect to be reported and blocked. Simple.

** For more info, a list of My specialities, and to dive deeper into your newest addiction, follow My links:

Supreme Mila's Official Website

Supreme Mila's Twitter

Supreme Mila's Instagram

Supreme Mila's Only Fans

Please read everyting before engaging with Me. It will give us more time to play, and less time working out the formalities. 

*** Fresh Meat: Have tributes ready, and prepare to send.. Your Financial Vampire is ready to feed 

-Your Supreme Ruler, Mila