Hello slaves~

I have been a domme for the better half of a decade, and I live this lifestyle--day in, day out. 

I am looking for new slaves/subs/pets to serve me. You must be verified on this site, and you must tribute before you will get my attention. Don't waste my time.

I'm not here to be your friend or your therapist, I am here to dominate you, financially and/or otherwise.

I am into humiliation, roleplay, degradation, orgasm control, chastity, feet worship, and anything and everything to do with findom and femdom. 

If you're not prepared to bow down to a goddess a million times more powerful than you will ever be, you can leave. If you are ready to serve, get sending, and then shoot me a DM. 

- Violet

Poll: Are you REALLY ready to be a loyal slave?
September 27, 2019
Are you REALLY ready to be a loyal slave?