Hello! I’m looking for my first sub or subs. I'm a fairly new Domme so please take that into account if you decide to approach me. I’m interested in subs who are intelligent and can hold a conversation about non kink things. This is super important to me because I want to be able to connect to you and to build a bond with you so that we can gain trust in each other. I’m not here to ruin you, and if you are married with kids I will be mindful of how much I ask you to send because I will not put your kids or your SO in harm's way. That being said I will be asking about income in order to stay aware of how much you’re sending in case you do have other obligations such as kids and a SO. It’s important to me that both you and I stay happy and healthy outside of our kink. Details about what our D/s relationship will be, will be discussed after you’ve tributed and DM’d me.


What I offer: I’m offering attention and control when you so desperately want to let go. I will assign tasks that will please me to have you fulfill. You will need to send proof you’ve completed your task and you will receive all my praise and attention. If you have specific fetishes we can discuss them when we are negotiating our arrangement and how we can incorporate them. 


Please feel free to tribute then DM if you are interested.


-Madame Dahlia 


P.S. My links for tribute can be found on my profile. 


Here is a list of things I’m interested in just so you have an idea of what I’d like to talk about outside of the kink: 

Video games



Programming (I’m learning to program now)

Danish and Korean culture


Korean Music and TV Shows

Trying new foods


Building things


Hiking (though I haven’t gone in a while)

Illustration (I want to get my bachelors in illustration)


Finding ways to repurpose things

Reading Reddit

Photography (I want to learn)

Jewelry making (I want to learn)