In Findom, the passing of money is part of the kink, not a "charge" for a service. So does that mean findom is not "professional" as there is no other charge? Usually we think of professional as involving payment like in sprots.



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I don't think it's 'professional'. Dominatrix is a profession, so you can be a Pro Domme who practices findom, but findom itself would just be a niche fetish under the Pro Domme umbrella. In the event that 'sex-work' is legalized  or decriminalized, perhaps I'll obtain property and start the first Professional Findom firm for clients to book appointments for cashdrops, with security in place to provide safe space for CPMs. Until then, just a fetish  ;)


PS I find calling subs 'clients' gross

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Ms. Pauley Belle

I feel it is a fetish, not a profession. A Findomme can act professionally.

Pauley playtoy-OwnedByPB

Ah ha, Mistres Pauley, a point I had not considered. To act in a professional manner or settle for being an amateur, that is the question. Thank you, Mistress.


One can behave in a professional manner whether one is a Findomme or what is commonly known as a Professional Domme, but my own definition of professional relates to careers that have nationally recognised professional qualifications, the kind of people who require professional indemnity insurance. There is no recognised qualification to be a Findomme or a Professional Domme, so no standard has to be met, anyone can hold themselves out to be one without studying and passing a qualification, no matter their level of experience or competence, so in that sense, any Domme, however good she may be, would not be considered a professional in my definition of the term.