Financial domination is many things to many people. What a findom relationship is NOT, is sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationship.You can be a sugarbaby and a findomme, but you need to differentiate the difference in order to be effective in either.A findomme is a financially dominant woman. A findomme has the woman as the central figure/head/dominant of the relationship. As a sugarbaby, the woman is relegated to a submissive position. The sugardaddy is the one in charge in that type of relationship. You can be both but the terms are not interchageable. Your thoughts?

Goddess Elisee

It is actually really scary when people believe it is similar.


I am afraid it is important to make clear for everyone what domination (the 2nd part into the word FINDOM) means in reality! Domination indicates a kind of leadership! The dominant part knows the way and tells the submissive part (sub or slave) what to do / what to think. It must be clear that failures will not be accepted. On the same hand the dominant person has to take care of the submissive person. So it is leadership and protection by one hand. The sub / slave must feel protected and also leaded from the dominant person. If this kind of leading and caressing is not what you are offering - you are not a domme. If you can not give any leading orders to your sub or slave, if you do not feel dominant, maybe you are sweet and a good person - but you are not a domme! 


Agreed. It's okay to be both but, know the difference between the two and knowing they are not similar. 

Miss North

I've been finding lately I get contacted by an unusual amount of men asking Me to be their sugar baby, despite me advertising that I'm a Domme seeking subs. I think the men are thinking any findom is desperate for cash and will play the role of anything for it. That may very well be true in some cases, and no hate on those women that do, I can just see why the men think if they cast their nets in these communities they'll end up finding somebody. There are women in these communities that *are* seeking a quick buck, and aren't educated on findom nor sugaring. It's unfortunate and I worry they may get caught up with the wrong guy. At best a scammer, at the worst an abusive man in any manner. I think the best thing to do when seeing this is to gently educate the women and hope she'll take your advice. I know we can't be responsible for everybody, but it's good to get the information out there and hope for a positive outcome.

The Masked Domme

Ooo so agreeing here!! Men do the same with me. I simply tell them I am not the sugar babying type and they definitely don't respond. The ones trying to make a quick are exactly what thier looking, education, education it matters!!



im glad to see others who agree with me.

Princess Leya

I concur

Mistress Charlotte

Late to the party but I agree.

I don't NEED their money. I want it.