I have six items that you boys should have taken care of for me, but at this stage it is delegated to a reimbursement game for me to recoup my financial loss. The amounts arent terribly high at all but all I desire to have covered at this point in time. More obviously can be added as I desire them to be taken care of and obviously at my whim and discretion.

you will roll an online dice to determine which amount you will be reimbursing me for. Once you have done so, you will contact me for my preferred online payment processor or simply send an amazon.com gift card for the amount to my personal gift card email divynemorrigan@yahoo.com

the online dice roller is as follows: https://www.random.org/dice/

The items are as follows:

1. Bath and Body works calming room spray $9

  1. Starbucks Coffee and Cake Pop $8
  2. Calvin Klein Thong Undies $26
  3. A Calm And Quiet Place Yankee Candle $15
  4. Car Wash Imperial Wash And Dry $13
  5. My Favorite Gatorade On Sale $10

number four has been reimbursed so it will be essentially taken out of play, so if you roll a 4 just roll again.


all items have been reimbursed so a new list of reimbursements will now be posted for you boys to deplete since you were so enthusiastic the first time. But this time, you will use the online dice roller to roll two dice this time:) ive doubled the list to reimburse.


1. $8          7. $6

2. $11        8. $20
3. $9         9. $5
4. $15    10. $25
5. $7        11. $10
6. $18        12.$8

Happy depleting...



will be posting more real soon, ive got plenty lol.