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Goddess Jas has arrived! I have been a Findom for over three years (will be four years in July). I have recently grown exhausted with the flighty nature of the subs I have encountered and hope to connect with a sub that is as interested in longevity as I am. I am a spoiled Sensual Domme with an intense appreciation for surprise tributes as well as ask-and-receive dynamics. 

Sure I could just zap you of all your resources and leave you scattered in shambles. I want so much more than that from you, little one! I want your complete and total submission and servitude. I want your worship as well as your acts of service. I want ownership of even the smallest tasks such as your bathroom privileges. I want your devotion and loyalty on a long term basis. I want you to know who you are and why you need a Goddess like me to give your life purpose. Your desire to spoil me and make my life easier in multiple ways is what will get and keep my attention. I am seeking an eager pet that wants to provide me with what I want/need as commanded. From writing my papers as I pursue my degree to treating me to a pampered Saturday at the local spa. Be prepared to make yourself of service to my every desire.