Hi, everyone.

I'm Sasha.....I'm brand spankin' new here if you haven't noticed yet.

I'm on the hunt....for the perfect fit for me, the perfect piggie.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't spoiled, because I am very much so.

I'm a mom and a lot of my time is invested in my children....

However, with that being said....I would devote more time with a certain special sub if I found one.

We will talk, we will come to agreements and we will go from there.

I am looking for someone who wants to serve with gifts and financial means.....if that is something that turns you on.

We will go over boundaries and make sure that both our needs are being met. It will be an agreement, with respect to eachother...but more so I will have the authority more so than you. 

I will ask for something, you will give it to me.

I don't ask for something, you will also give it to me.....by surprising me with it.

I am wanting something long term, as I have certain goals and achievements that I am wanting to reach.

If that is something that you can offer.....please do message, and send a tribute of your amount so that I know you are serious and have good intentions.

This can be the start of something beautiful.


Cashapp: $Sashawillyou