Just rejoined this site after many years away, and I've read the "about me" descriptions of  a few of the dommes. I notice that many dommes list that blackmail is something that they will not participate in, while others write they will consider doing "blackmail fantasy" but not blackmail. 

I am curious, what is the difference, in the findom world, between blackmail, and blackmail fantasy?

And assuming that this is done consensually and includes a buy-out clause in case the sub needs an out, why do many make a point of saying they won't do it?

Just curious.


Because it is against the rules here, I believe. 


Blackmail is illegal, so you really have to be careful how you participate in the fetish. Dommes can get in SERIOUS trouble for it if they don't make sure to specify that it's only a fantasy, and make sure not to actually accept any personal information from a sub.


I see. Yes, darn it about these new data protection laws. But then what is "blackmail fantasy"? As I see it, one would not want to enter into a consensual BM play with someone that one did not trust well (unless one is crazy). And if there is good trust, then it isn't really blackmail, but rather a contractual payment game, where the sub agrees to a payment schedule for a limited time and allows the domme to post something sensitive or embarrassing if a payment is missed. Innocent fun between two people, or? :laughing:


I suppose that fantasy game youre thinking of would constitute... Complete power exchange. Hand over log ins, passwords, accounts - and then do as I say. Not like you'll have access anymore once youre locked out... kittenbitch  knows a thing or two about that, as he was just locked out of PP this morning. I mean, sure there is trust - but once its no longer in your control, and Hers - isnt that the same excitement as the fantasy game youre thinking of?



I believe it's just careful use of semantics; saying "I don't do XX (because it's illegal) but I will do YY (which is exactly the same thing, wink wink, and will lead to as much trouble, but is not illegal). In any event, I don't bother because I like real games, and blackmail pretty much always turns ugly when it becomes too real on the receiving end.