Hello everyone, my name is KingOfCocks (read my bio to hear the origin of the name) and I'm new to the Findoms website.

I've been in the kink community for over a year now and have explored some really great things and met some really great people. I'm hoping that through this websiite I can do the same here.

I'm mainly looking to find service subs and cash pigs in my area, but I also have no issue with online encounters. I'd also love to meet fellow Mistresses and Goddesses to get to know and learn from. I have a strong belief that you can never stop learning from one another. Even the dumbest and most useless slave can teach us something... maybe lol.

I hope this thread piques your interest and directs you to my profile. I accept all friend requests and try to respond to as many messages as possible.

I'm really hoping to find some enjoyment from this site.