My long term trash panda is off to riffle through the garbage cans known as "dating." So I'm interested in finding a new slave.  

First thing to know, I am closer to a traditional Financial Dom. I do not take my clothes off, I will not send you nudes. However,  I may opt to oblige a sub with a foot/or/audio fettish.

I am open to many kinks. I'm rather fond of effeminate slaves with a thirst for humiliation and degradation. I have an interest in locking away little pintles in chastity. 

I  have a very dark sense of humor and a rather sharp tongue frome time to time. I can and will hurt your feelings, it's the nature of the beast. 

This is what I look for in a Slave 

  • The ability to financially serve
  • Self Aware 
  • Hard Working
  • Obedient 
  •  Patience 
  • Willingness to explore & learn
  • Talkativeness

If you have additional questions, send a small gift card tribute ($5-$10) and then reach out to me in my DMs or Kik. You will get to ask 20 questions, choose them wisely. 

Kik - Goddesschaosphase



SOME have ruined paypal/cash app for the rest.

U.S Amazon Gift Cards are ​​​favorable. However, there is an Amazon Wishlis in Payment Methods that you may use to gift me odds and ends I would like. 


TLDR: Chatty Cathy cashslave slot available. 

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