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đŸ‘‘Queen Demonia

Female. Born on March 7
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by on April 27, 2020
Tip for the Dommes doing magic- if you’re doing a long term manifestation with spells and rituals, don’t let your urges get in the way. It will only mess up the path it’s on and cause undesirable consequences and even break trust, which is a major asset to get what you want. Everything will come by itself Through your manifestation naturally. Give it time. 
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by on April 5, 2020
So a little throw back story of how I became into Findom and humiliation. I’ve always been a misanthrope and into Satanism since I was 15/16. I guess the severe hate and disgust I had for other people, especially men drove me to manipulate and fuck with their minds to get what I wanted. I took advantage of weak thirsty men and saw that as a opportunity to destroy their ego. Always kinda hung out with older people from the goth/ industrial scene so it was pretty easy to take advantage of manipula...
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by on November 15, 2019
In my opinion Us Dommes should NOT waste our time with any sub who shows narcissistic self centered contradictory behavior. When you may think there’s a pro in interests or connection, there might be A con in behavior or submission. We do not need to be aggressive or hostile in order to be considered “dominant “We do not need to “prove” our capability of dominance to any sub of that matter. We are here to dominate who we choose are worthy or who have earned the privilege to serve and please us. ...
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