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Don't be the clueless new girl who lets males manipulate you into humiliating other Women for their entertainment, it's a bad look
Marceline Powers
I love this exactly what I think of, probably cause I’m a hot wife ;)
Miss Law
Just blocked someone on twitter “don’t send to your Domme. Pay me instead” 🙄
Mistress Charlotte
The scoundrels that encourage involving any non-consenting or unaware parties make my skin crawl.
Miss North
I laughed harder than I should have at "$10 to cum"
I’m not gonna lie I want to marry this man! His wife is living her best life ever! Also gross Mistress Law! I can’t believe the attitude of these girls, this should be a scene of trust and respect. I said to one girl we aren’t competition we are in this together and she laughed at me. Truth be told ...View More
Lol. Very funny and damn I wish I had married his wife
There’s always time @yourmalepet! Wishes can come true lol! Stranger things have happened at sea.