March 15, 2020
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I'm super curious, So to the subs and the gorgeous goddesses, what is your favorite kink? 

If there is a option to answer besides what I could fit in the answer options, out your own answer.

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Love all these answers Queens! The subjects need to get in here and put their answers aswell! ߑ0ߑ0ߑ And Tyler you're a "community whore" right? You don't do the fin side right..
toilet slavery for me
Everything, but with mutual care and respect.
Humiliation. Along with feminization normally.
So this was a difficult poll..of the choices, I chose "feet" though a very close second would be "...nothing more than an object" so many aspects to all kinks listed here and so many other wonderful kinks out there!
Currently at this moment I have just woken up from my beauty sleep and would love nothing more then to urinate all over a weak little pesant on his knees 😅
forcing to obey
I'd have to say fear play. If i have to be even more specific, fear play with knives... Or just cucking.
Love how many people have engaged in my poll!
@iamyourslave... love that answer, but to be forced to obey you actually have to OBEY. haha. Pm me, you seem like somthing fun to fuck with . 🖤😈