Mistress Charlotte
July 28, 2020
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Besides the private messaging feature provided with findoms (dot) com - what do you use to communicate with your submissive / domme that maintains safety and privacy? 


Curious to what's popular to see if I should have more options available for contact.

If you do not see an option you use - feel free to comment.

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Princess Jas
Personally I prefer Skype or kik. Signal is meant to be good for security however I don't feel the need to give out my mobile number.
Miss Jette
For subs that have proven themselves as (potential) long-term subs I usually use Threema, which is also my every-day messaging app. It has amazing privacy features, the only "downside" is that it costs a few bucks to buy.
I use skype and line
Telegram and Kik
Curvy Miss Q
I use Skype and kik
skype and whatsapp. sometimes kik. but mostly skype
Mistress Charlotte
I have KIK and Skype, I used to use signal for other things but I was always not into the idea of giving out my personal cell phone number to anyone. I also have WhatsApp but it’s for personal use.
I use niteflirt paid chat room for newcomers or text chatters, and I use niteflirt phone if anyone wants to chat over the phone. I like the fact that if your money runs out, so do I. I dont have to deal with the "please mistress just five more minutes" Ill take that 20% paycut for a piece of mind.
I use Kik for chatting, but video sessions I use Skype